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Types of medical plans that count as coverage: "Without fines"


To avoid paying a penalty for not having health insurance you must have a qualified coverage. If you are covered by any of these types of plans, you are considered covered by the health law and do not have to pay a penalty.

  • Dependent coverage that is under the parents' medical plans.

  • Most plans for students are qualified but it is important to first check if your university plan counts as qualified coverage.

  • Medical coverage for Peace Corps volunteers.

  • Certain types of medical coverage for veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Most TRICARE plans.

  • Health Benefits Program with Non-Assigned Funds from the Department of Defense.

  • Medical Assistance for Refugees.

  • State high-risk funds for plans that began before December 31, 2014 (check with your high-risk plan to see if it qualifies as qualified coverage).

Private medical plans that are not considered under health coverage

Some products that help pay for medical services do not qualify. If you only have this type of product or plan, you may have to pay the fine.

  • Coverage that only covers dental and vision services. This applies to any type of plan.

  • Compensation to the worker.

  • Coverage for diseases or specific conditions, such as supplementary insurance.

  • Plans that only offer discounts for medical services.