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Our Purpose as an Insurance Agency

The purpose of Group One Financial is to help people challenge tomorrow. The future may be uncertain and nobody knows what is just around the corner: whether it is the passing of a hurricane, a tornado, a flood, an accident, a disease, an unplanned hospital stay, a trip abroad , the first day of your child in college, final expenses or what your retirement will bring.


Look to the future with confidence, confidence and optimism through each stage and need of your life! We are here to guide you with a lot of professionalism.

Group One is a life, health, supplementary and annuity insurance agency that offers a wide range of benefits, with the main objective of helping people protect what is important to them; save for a comfortable future, be prepared for an unexpected event or simply plan ahead for a quiet retirement.

Among our main priorities is helping our clients to plan their future in appropriate times and also when something unexpected happens that negatively impacts the person's life.

The technology and our long experience play a fundamental role to avoid that in the face of a difficult event our clients are alone; that is why we seek to have the best possible protection and with the sufficient tools to solve an adversity. We take our responsibilities very seriously!

Group One was founded in 2005 by CEO Ray H. Perez, a veteran in insurance, with an experience of more than 20 years, specialized mainly in mortgage protection, life insurance and final expenses.

Year after year, the growth of the agency has been surprising, since it has gone from being an agency with a single expert in insurance, which also had only two products, to have more than 250 highly qualified and licensed agents today. They offer four different lines through more than 40 insurance companies.

We have a clear strategic advantage in the insurance market and we are currently an agency capable of providing our customers with the best life benefits, savings vehicles, health insurance, supplementary products, retirement benefits, annuities and pensions between others.


Group One Corp is a solid agency for life, health, supplementary products and annuities, located in Florida, with more than 20 years in the market, which is formed by a professional human capital, which offers its clients effective solutions and personalized with the aim of providing welfare and protection.


"Become one of the main insurance agencies in the country, capable of providing our services throughout the United States, thus ensuring safety and protection for all our customers."


• Responsibility: We comply with the commitments acquired with our customers.

• Security: We offer our clients a quality service that gives them confidence.

• Respect: We value our clients and are understanding of their situations.

• Honesty / Transparency: We are known for acting honestly and ethically.

• Innovation: We are constantly searching for new actions that allow us to provide a better service every time.