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Our Business Lines
Health and Life Insurance

Annuities, Supplements, Mortgage Protection, Travel Abroad, Retirement, Education and much more.

Life insurances
We have more than 20 category "A" companies to offer.
We can assure any person.
Health insurance
Options with the Health Market, without the Market, in groups, in the short term available.
More than 10 category "A" companies with very competitive rates of return.
Supplementary Health
Hospital indemnity, critical illnesses, cancer, discount plans and much more.

Life is full of surprises. We are here to ensure that those surprises never take it off base. Life insurance (annuities, mortgages, funeral, international, travel, educational, commercial, retirement, temporary, fixed, etc.) and health (Health Care - Obama care, medicare, supplementary, discounts, private , family members, individuals, etc.) offer coverage and benefits for all people, even if they are over 65 years of age.

It does not matter if you own a business looking for coverage for your employees, or if you are a single mother wanting to ensure that your children are protected in case something unexpected happens, we are ready to help you.

Our broad portfolio allows us to serve anyone in all demographic groups, and with different needs.

We have never stopped attending the community because we do not have a product that fits your situation, not only in Miami but throughout the state of Florida.